Success Stories

Maui: A Morning Miracle

Siamese, male, 5 months old

Maui was brought to us early in the morning with an umbilical hernia that has ruptured overnight. Wrapping him up in a blanket, the owner and her young daughter called us in advance and came by. He was extremely lethargic, dehydrated and had a serious risk for peritonitis, or infection in the abdominal cavity. Since he was so young, the doctor wanted to give him a chance at survival. Before that though, we had to check the condition of the protruding intestines to see if they would be healthy enough after surgery. Considering their time out of Maui's body was lengthy, there was surprisingly little to no necrotic tissue in his intestines and they had a very decent blood flow.

Maui was prepped for surgery under general anesthetic and the assistant rinsed and moistened his innards to keep them healthy. Surgery went well  and Maui has healed completely since and continues to be a lovely, affectionate little kitty.

Bear: To Play Or Not To Play

Blue Heeler, female, 10 years old

Bear, an outgoing family dog, had been taking a walk in the park with her owners when she spotted another dog enjoying the sun as well. Ecstatic to see a possible friend to play with, Bear rushed over and got up close to the unsuspecting dog. After a quick bite to the neck, she retreated as both sets of owners separated them and went on their ways.

About three days later, Bear's owners noticed severe swelling and tenderness around Bear's neck and front chest. After arriving at Delbrook, the doctor on duty discovered a very large abscess that had already started to ooze due to high pressure and pus content. Due to the severe infection, some skin and other tissue had begun to swell and become necrotic. The only way to relieve Bear of this pain was to take her to surgery and drain the abscess.

After prepping Bear for surgery and putting her under anesthetic, the doctor and his assistant lanced the affected area, removed necrotic tissue for fast healing and flushed the incision with saline solution. After removing the pus, sutures were placed in two layers of tissue with tubes at each end to further clear out reoccuring infection. Bear made a full recovery while on some broad spectrum antibiotics and is doing well.

Minnie: Three's A Crowd

Min Pin, female, 3 years old

Minnie was rushed to us at Delbrook when she was unable to give birth to her 3 puppies and was becoming distressed. After confirming how many puppies she was carrying and what was troubling the otherwise normal pregnancy, the doctors on hand found that the first puppy in the birth canal was stuck and wasn't able to pass normally. Minnie was prepped for surgery immediately to save her puppies and keep her from danger.

During the emergency c-section, the doctors at Delbrook were thankfully able to save two of the three puppies in Minnie's litter. The first one that was stuck however, was lost in the process which leads us to believe he/she passed away during positioning in the birth canal and hence blocking the way for his/her siblings.

Minnie recovered beautifully from her abrupt surgery and is taking care of her two babies just fine. Both of them are nursing and are healthy from what we could see during examination. Keep up the good work, Mommy Minnie!

Olivia: Back Again To Visit

Domestic Shorthair, female, 1 years old

Olivia was one of the kittens we adopted out in 2010 along with her brother Oscar and we were surprised to get a call from her owner that she was missing. About a day later, Olivia was found and brought in to Delbrook not able to walk and with puncture wounds around her anus.

After running various diagnostic studies such as x-rays and blood work after the physical exam, it was clear that Olivia was in need of an intense surgery. Both her fibula and tarsal bones were fractured due to dropping 6 stories off her balcony. She and her brother had been playing on the balcony moments before she disappeared and Olivia had scooted through the chicken wire fence her family thought was safe enough to contain her. As for the reasoning of her bum ouchies, she was most likely bit by a startled cat or raccoon when she landed.

Olivia underwent reconstructive bone surgery done by a specialist who came to our clinic and was put in a cast with a splint after being stitched up. Although it was very awkward for her to use her litter box and eat by herself for a few days, Olivia was in high spirits and by the seems of it remembered us from when we had her up for adoption. Olivia stayed in hospital for recovery for about 1 month but adored all the attention we gave her and loved to eat the high protein food to help with healing. Olivia's owner brought Oscar for a visit as he was worried and restless without her. Olivia was so brave she climbed into Oscar's carrier and rested while he was busy exploring the exam room. She was ready to go home it seemed, or at least soon.

We had her with us for so long that we grew accustomed to her being in the treatment room, meowing for more love. We'll miss her but we're happy that she's back at her home away from home!

Peggie: Racoon Attack Survivor

Guinea Pig, female, 1 years old

After hearing Peggie's plea for help on a warm night while sleeping, Peggie's owner woke her family to find out what was going on with their two guinea pigs. To their ultimate horror, a common raccoon had invaded their house and had grabbed the youngest of the two rodents through the cage bars. After scaring the raccoon off and out of the house, they stayed and comforted Peggie.

After giving her an antibiotic and pain injection, we scrubbed Peggie's raw wounds with an antiseptic solution. As we closely monitored her strength under the anesthetic, we closed up her wounds on her scruff with stitches and reconstructed the shape of her deformed ear so it would heal nicely.

Peggie had survived something that most animals would succumb to and had awoken from her  surgery in stable condition. She had experienced what most guinea pigs wouldn't in a lifetime and she had done it all in under twenty-four hours. She healed with little scar tissue and regained her beautiful coat shortly after. Peggie's story is one that surely tells everyone 'no matter how small you may be and no matter what you're up against, never give up'.




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