Pet Dental Care FAQs

DelBrook Mall Animal Hospital Answers Your Pet Dental Health FAQs

Regular dental exams and dental treatment should be a part of your pet’s overall veterinary care. Animals depend on their teeth to provide good nutrition throughout their lives. At Delbrook Mall Animal Hospital in North Vancouver, we can help you care for your pet’s teeth with cleanings and other procedures.

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Why Is Pet Dental Health Important?

Healthy teeth and mouth tissues help your pet to get proper nourishment from the foods he or she eats. Regular dental care can take care of damaged teeth that can cause your pet pain and inability to chew properly. In addition, bacteria that remain on the teeth can migrate to the heart, liver, and kidneys, where it can set up inflammation that leads to disease.

What Issues Does the Vet Look For During A Dental Exam?

Your North Vancouver veterinarian will check your pet’s teeth and mouth carefully for any obvious problems, such as redness, irritation, misaligned teeth or excessive drooling that could signal a tooth problem. Discoloration and tartar buildup will also be noted. The vet will also check for loose teeth, retained baby teeth and abnormal growths that could signal a more serious disease. Bad breath and tenderness in the mouth tissues signal a problem that needs care.

What Common Dental Problems Do Veterinarians See?

During dental exams, veterinarians often find broken teeth from chewing on hard objects. Animals may also sustain tooth injuries in an accident. Tartar and plaque build up on teeth over time and can cause periodontal disease that loosens teeth. Pets sometimes may have abscesses of the tooth or cavities that result in discomfort. Some animals develop tumors of the mouth that can indicate cancer or other problem.

How Can My Vet Help Ensure My Pet’s Dental Health?

Annual visits to your vet will help to ensure not only your pet’s overall health but also the animal’s dental health. Your vet will examine the teeth and ask questions about diet and dental hygiene. The veterinarian can teach you proper pet tooth brushing techniques, as well as advise you on the best products for the animal’s dental care. With regular care, your pet’s teeth can last a lifetime.

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