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Just like with people, surgery can be a scary time for pets.  Any time an animal goes under anesthesia, it can be nerve racking.  Understanding more about the reasons why a cat or dog may need surgery and learning about what to do after surgery can help ease worried minds.  Our veterinarian at Delbrook Mall Animal Hospital in North Vancouver provides quality surgical procedures for your pet.

Why Would My Pet Need Surgery?

There are several reasons why a pet many need surgery.  Some surgeries are for routine procedures while other surgeries may be necessary for emergency care.  Here are some of the most common pet surgeries:

  • Dental Surgery - Pets can have tooth and gum disease just like people.  If a tooth becomes damaged or diseased, it may be time to perform dental surgery to repair or remove the tooth.
  • Spay or Neuter - To keep your pet healthy, it is a good idea to have them spayed or neutered.  Not only does it help keep the pet population in check, but it can also prevent certain diseases.
  • Soft Tissue Surgery - Pets can be prone to accidents and injury.  If your pet suffers a soft tissue injury, like a torn ACL, surgery may be necessary to repair the injury.  
  • Diagnosis - Additionally, sometimes surgery is necessary to make a diagnosis.  Allowing the veterinarian to explore the area in question can help them better treat the ailment.  

Does My Pet Require Anesthesia?

In order to keep your pet and our veterinary team safe, anesthesia is absolutely required for surgery.  Not only is surgery painful without anesthesia, it can be quite scary.  Even a sweet cat or dog can act unpredictably if they are scared.

What Medicines or At-Home Care are Best for Post-Surgery Recovery?

Each pet and surgery is different, so the recommended care will change depending on your individual pet.  In some cases, rest is the best option to help prevent your cat or dog from hurting themselves.  In other cases, having your cat or dog perform some gentle exercise may be recommended to get soft tissues or joints moving.  Following a surgery, our veterinarian will give a detailed description of care instructions and any necessary medication.  

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