Comprehensive Vet Care

Comprehensive Vet Care

Comprehensive vet care is a necessity for dogs and cats so that they remain in the best of health. If you recently brought a new dog or cat into your home or if you just want see if your pet is healthy, then contact Delbrook Mall Animal Hospital in North Vancouver, BC to make an appointment with our veterinarian for a full evaluation. Here are some tasks your pet undergo during a comprehensive examination.

Your Pet Is Checked From Head to Tail

Our veterinarian will conduct a hands-on examination of your pet to check each part of its body in detail. Your pet's eyes, ears, mouth, and nose will be checked for respiratory troubles, dental difficulties, and allergic symptoms. Each leg is checked to ensure the bone structure is intact and working as it should. During this exam, if our veterinarian finds something that requires further evaluation, tests may be conducted to ensure proper treatment is administered to remedy problems.

Your Pet's Vital Signs Are Noted

At each comprehensive examination that you schedule for your dog or cat, our veterinarian will weigh your pet and take their temperature. This information is noted so that the history of your pet's vitals is kept for cross-referencing, if needed. If your pet's weight has fluctuated since its last appointment, dietary requirements for your dog or cat will be discussed and possibly be changed to keep your dog or cat within the recommended weight range for its age and breed. If your pet has a high temperature, our vet will do a more detailed evaluation of your pet to determine whether it is suffering from a common cold or more serious medical condition.

Preventative Actions Are Discussed or Administered

Our vet will discuss the importance of specific preventative actions provided at our veterinary care to keep your pet healthy. Vaccinations can be given to pets after routine examinations, if they are healthy enough. Our vet will make recommendations regarding vaccines to keep your pet protected from diseases and will alert you about the time schedule of these important tools.

In addition to immunizations for your pet, microchipping, spaying or neutering, and parasite prevention are all processes that our veterinarian can provide for your pet to keep them in the best of health. Each of these procedures will require an examination of your pet beforehand.

Contact Delbrook Mall Animal Hospital in North Vancouver, BC to handle all your pet's routine and emergency vet care needs. Our veterinarian is available to provide comprehensive examinations as well as urgent care for your pet when it is required. Call our veterinary care at 604- 904-0880 to make an appointment. Our animal hospital is open seven days a week.


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