Vaccinations From Our North Vancouver Veterinarian

At Delbrook Mall Animal Hospital, our North Vancouver veterinarian offers a wide range of preventative care services to suit your pet's needs—including vaccinations for all stages of your dog or cat's life. If your pet is due for updated vaccines or if you're not sure when your pet was last vaccinated, our team is here to help. Specifically, pet vaccinations enable and encourage your pet's body to produce natural antibodies against certain types of disease and illness, thus reducing their contraction risk. It is important to keep your pet up-to-date on vaccinations because many of them only last for one to three years before their effects "wear out." By this point, your pet could lose his or her protection.

Which Vaccines Does Your Pet Need?

Generally, the best way to find out is to refer to your most recent veterinary paperwork. There should be a section on your pet's paperwork that indicates the specific dates your pet was last given each vaccine, along with a "due date" for your pet's next round of that vaccine. If you don't have recent vet paperwork, that's okay. Our veterinary team can speak with you and perform an assessment of your pet's health to determine which vaccines would be most appropriate at the time of your appointment.

In general, younger pets (like puppies and kittens) will need the most vaccines in the first few months of life. This usually includes "core" vaccines that protect against diseases that are common in your area. From there, additional "non-core" vaccines may be recommended depending on your pet's specific risk factors.

Vaccines Offered at Our Practice

We offer a wide range of vaccines in our office, with dog vaccination packages starting at 6-8 weeks and including:

  • rabies
  • DHPPC (core)
  • bordetella
  • Lyme disease
  • leptospirosis

Our cat vaccination packages begin at eight weeks of age and include the following vaccines:

  • FVRCCP (core)
  • rabies
  • leukemia

For dog and cat vaccination packages alike, your pet will generally need a booster of each vaccine a year after the initial injection. For some vaccines, such as rabies, your pet may only need a booster every three years after the first booster. We will provide you with a vaccination schedule so you're aware of what your pet needs and when.

Request a Cat or Dog Vaccination Appointment Today

If you're ready to request a cat or dog vaccination appointment with Delbrook Mall Animal Hospital, give us a call at (604) 904-0880. Our office is open seven days a week to accommodate your busy schedule.

Exam with Vaccinations: $30

Canine Vaccinations: Starting at 6-8 weeks:

Basic (DHPPC): $32

3-4 doses at 3-4 week intervals each. 1 booster every year after that.

Rabies: $30 

1 dose at 3 months of age, 1 booster after one year, and 1 booster every 3 years after that.

The following vaccines are given as 2 doses at 3-4 week intervals and then 1 booster every year after:

Bordetella (kennel cough): $18

Any dog that comes in contact with other dogs, especially in grooming salons, dog parks and daycare kennels.

Lyme Disease: $20

Any dog that comes in contact with ticks.  Recommended during camping and hiking through wooded areas.

Leptospirosis: $15

Any dog that is able to come in contact with wild animal urine through infected grass, soil, water.

Feline Vaccinations: Starting at 8 weeks

Basic (FVRCCP): $28

3 doses at 3-4 week intervals each. 1 booster every year after that.

Rabies: $30 

1 dose at 3 months of age, 1 booster after 1 year, and 1 booster every 3 years after that.

Leukemia Virus: $19

Any cat that comes into contact with another cat that's infected. Recommended for outdoor cats and boarding.


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